Are you: fierce, independent, captivating, fearless, poised, ambitious, outrageous, woke, loyal, fashion forward, assertive, unapologetic? Then you a Dime. The Perfect Ten!

Dime is where you come to get right with YOU. Dime is your sanctuary.

A nail experience that will provide you with the sophisticated level of luxury and escapism that you require in order to treat yo’ self! All the while maintaining a price point that allows the many different members of the Dime nation to gather under one roof.

Dime is the dream of our founder Kristin Dias Gyimah, a 10th generation Californian, who grew up in the Central Valley’s agricultural community. Kristin spent the past decade working in the fashion industry, culminating in her rising to the position of buyer at a major international fashion label. It was at this moment that she could no longer ignore the call from within to strike out on her own to fulfill her long held dream:

To create a unique nail experience that provides the two things I believe are key ingredients in the pursuit of happiness…luxury and authenticity. When I envisioned Dime, I saw a place where a collection of people from different walks of life could meet and share their love of nails, a company that reflects my worldview, a collection of different cultural experiences coming together to make beautiful art.

We provide full service polish and gel manicures and pedicures, as well as acrylic and hard gel extensions in a range of finishes and state of the art trends. Ready to fuel your creative side, our collection of talented artists are on hand to help you create unique, distinctive expressive looks that will reflect everything from your wildest instincts to your most decadent desires… and anything in between. In addition we carry a selection of extra care services catered to alleviating the stresses of life to help you relax and rejuvenate.